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Classified Services

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You or your child can learn to play any of these amazing and beautiful instruments! The Lydian Studio of Music believes that a love of music is for all ages. We offer lessons for children 3 years and older and all the way to adult. We believe it is never too early and certainly never too late to fall in love with music!
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John’s Music has provided retail services in musical instruments and supported music education programs across Canada. Our vast experience in music extends to all of our five retail locations, where we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of service and most knowledgeable staff in the industry.
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At Imagine Music Lessons, we teach and mentor lifelong skills through the love of playing music. We bring together inspiring and passionate music teachers with eager students, offering music lessons in Calgary being held at our students' homes, teachers' home studios or online. We have teachers for piano, violin, drum, guitar, and many other instruments, while also promoting music styles, such as vocal and jazz. Contact us today and begin your journey with music.
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The Arcadia Academy of Music Brampton West location opened its doors in 2013 and is serving a growing community area and has seen this location grow along with it. The positive attitude and great, uplifting spirit of this location, makes for a bright and wonderful experience for all of the students.Contact Telephone:905-840-5225
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We have the widest range of expert piano teachers, dedicated to help you learn music the easiest way possible in Calgary.