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Mini Gadgets UC1000-Underwater Digital Camera - FREE USA Shipping - No Sales Tax. This camera is a fantastic gift for that special someone you know that loves the beach and to go on adventures...and it's very easy to find due to its bright colors should it get dropped or misplaced while having fun! When it's time to record your next underwater adventure, the Underwater Digital Camera is the tool you'll want for capturing those amazing moments. Snagging marvelous shots of that extraordinary coral reef or those schools of rainbow-colored fish has never been easier. This water resistant camera can be submerged under water up to 9 feet making it perfect for that snorkeling trip or your next beach vacation. This 3-in-1 digital camera also works as a still camera, PC camera or video recorder. The camera includes 8MB of internal memory and can store up to 312 images. The built-in flash and self timer make this a great camera for any use. Use the camera in PC mode for video conferencing or use it to record AVI format movies so that not only will you have memories of your good times, you will have video footage of the first time your youngest child swam by themselves. When you're out of the water and back on the beach ready to relax, just take the camera out of its underwater housing, and you'll be ready to catch some great beach volleyball action or shoot the sunsets . Perfect for boaters, bathers, beachgoers, snorkelers, waders, kayakers, canoe riders, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Buy online Now at